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iOS vs. Android in 2019:  This iOS vs Android debate has been going for quite a long time now and the year 2019 is no different. we can ...

iOS vs. Android in 2019: 

This iOS vs Android debate has been going for quite a long time now and the year 2019 is no different. we can discuss this iOS vs. Android debate for hours without a logical conclusion. Therefore, this time we've decided to showcase the opinions of veteran iOS and Android to put an end to this debate.

Our source throughout this debate will be Quora.

Opinion by Rick Cormier, Retired Licensed Psychotherapist:


I’m not an Apple fan. When they got caught using foreign child labor to assemble their phones, they simply hired a 3rd party company who then employed the same children. They weren’t concerned with overworked and underpaid children— only their company image and liability.

Back in the early days of the iPod, Apple could have designed it with a user-replaceable battery. They didn’t. When they got away with it, they began designing all their stand alone products with batteries only Apple could replace. Why let Apple customers buy a battery for under $10. and pop it in themselves when you can charge $80. to $100. to do it for them?

I never liked Apple’s lack of competition for software. I never liked that their computers weren’t upgradeable. You bought a frozen technology which only upgraded when Apple decided that it was time for you to buy a new computer.

 Should I buy iOS or Android Smartphone?

When they did away with the ports on the MacBook in favor of “dongles”, did they reduce the consumer price or just increase their profits from the MacBook and create a market for their new dongles? Had Apple owners been begging for dongles to replace typically built-in ports?

I get that Apple products are easy to use, but Apple is in it for themselves. Everything they do enhances their bottom line.

My desktop computer and laptop are PC-based. My cell phone and tablet are Android. As companies go, I dislike Apple and refuse to encourage and support them financially. That’s my preference.

Opinion by Mansour Nasser, Copywriter at Advertising Agencies:

I've used iPhone for 6 years and the only other phones I had were old style Nokia and a blackberry. After being let down by Apple multiple times, and losing my data completely more than once, and having my phone just outright die on me a couple of times, I decided I had enough.

After trying out my cousin’s Samsung note 7, I was actually mind blown when I saw how smooth it runs and how beautiful it looked. Drawing on the pen was very satisfying too (I'm an artist)

The minute my last iPhone, the 6S, died, I went to the store the next day and bought my very first Samsung. The Samsung S8+.

Which operating System is better?

I can't tell you how happy I am that I made that decisions. It's almost the end of the year, and I would say it may be the best investment I made (besides my gaming PC maybe) this year.

The design is beautiful. It's nice. You can customize it the way you like. It has full display screen, like the iPhone X, and it completely beats it in so many ways — especially the price.

Looking back at the other Samsung notes, I honestly wish I made the decision of switching many years ago. I was just one of those people blinded by, and manipulated by Apple. Android, or at least Samsung, is far more superior in my opinion now.

Opinion by Sunny Yadav, B.E. Civil Engineering, Chandigarh College of Engineering and Technology:

I would always prefer IOS over android for following reasons

I don’t have time or any interest in personalizing the phone or changing animation or things like that. I have not changed my laptop’s or phone wallpaper for like 5 years and most of people don’t. I learnt this while i was not very successful and saw all the successful people like late Steve jobs or Bill gates or anyone for that matter. They didn’t had time to waste on changing wallpapers or any such petty things. I wanted to be like them, to utilize my time effectively.

The things apple provide is just sufficient for me like finger print scanner is more than enough i don’t need a iris or face scanner. I am not a CIA secret agent that i have to protect my data with so many different scanners and its not like i am a billionaire that someone will hack me so if you think that way than maybe you have to realize that other people have better things to do then go through the so much trouble to hack your precious device.

Is iOS better than Android?

They provide good quality updates for next 4 years to the same phone and for me customer service is very important it tells you the quality of company that you are a customer of. Just like i see many people purchase from amazon and why this company is so successful.

Yes i don’t get so much freedom with my device but whatever they have provided me that thing is perfectly working without any issue. I do’t play games or need superfast processor or 8GB of Ram to do my everyday work and if i want to do heavy work i always have my laptop i don’t think phones were designed for that.

Opinion by Sonal Deshpande:

The main reason is that both have their very dedicated communities. Android has its fans, which know every bit about it and it's tricks and features, while iOS has its own community. Both are very intensely attached to them for their individual reasons. We also cannot forget the vast difference between the 2, and cannot ignore the reasons that make them different.

Why Android?

The vast majority of phones sold last year were Android devices, over 80%, to be more precise. There must be a reason for this, and there is. There are plenty, so let us dive in!

The Options

The most obvious reason for this insane proportion of iOS and Android devices is the number of Android devices in comparison. This is a huge advantage for people looking for a phone for like specific price, no more no less.

Yes, there are used iPhones out there on the market, but sometimes, you do not want to buy a used handset. There is always the comfort and reassurance of having a new phone, with a warranty. Even certified pre-owned devices from Apple can be defective or damaged.

Is Android better than iOS?

Some people, such as myself would rather have a new phone and know that it will last 2 to 3 years with us. This provides the comfort of mind that you just do not get with a used phone.

We also cannot forget that there are Android phones out there at all price points. You can get a phone for as little as $40 , or as much as $9000 . There are also phones that pack the best values and the worst values.

This is the beauty of it. Your Android phone is never like that guy you saw across the street. There is always going to be a difference, whether it is the software skin, or the material and color. This is a far cry from iPhones, which all look the same, inside and out. This does come with a problem though, but I will talk about that later.

The Customizability

You probably saw this one coming, and it is indeed very obvious. With Android, you have endless customizability. Everything from the wallpaper to the icons to the whole firmware can be tweaked to your liking. Some might think that it is too complicated or too hard to do, but it is the complete opposite.

If you do not like the way your home screen looks out of the box, then you are just one App download away from changing it completely. Simply downloading a launcher and applying it to your phone completely changes the way it looks and feels. A launcher can change the icons, animations, wallpapers, and sometimes even add widgets, more on that soon.

With Android 7.0 Nougat, you can add tiles to your quick settings menu. This includes different tools, such as starting a timer or creating an alarm, and also shortcuts for your favorite app or game. This can also be done through one app download from the Play Store. Many options are available, and most have the same functionality, some more than others. Feel free to explore the Play Store for those apps, and try them out!

Home Screen Widgets

A big part of Android is it's home screen widgets. You can customize the home screen, not only with launchers and icon packs but also with widgets. There are plenty of stock widgets that come with Android phones. Some to control the flashlight, others to control the music and media playback.

However, the functionality of home screen widgets does not end here. Many 3rd party applications give you the ability to add widgets to make the most of the app. Some might be chats, such as WhatsApp and Gmail. Other apps can give you news and articles and show you a short part of it.

The widgets can be moved around the home screen resized and sometimes even customized. The problem with iPhones in this regard is that they only provide widgets in the notification tray, and they cannot be changed or customized. That is definitely a point scored by Android.

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It is no secret that Android is a more productive ecosystem. With Android 7.0 Nougat, we got the chance to use Split-screen Multi-tasking on all Android devices. With Samsung devices, you can also use floating windows. This turns the phone into something very similar to a Windows PC.

There are plenty of ways you can use those features, and make the most out of your device, especially if it has a big display. We saw that come to iOS 11 earlier this year, but it is only for iPads, and not available for iPhones. This does not quite make sense to me, as the iPhone X and the iPhone 8 Plus are of a size that would suit such feature.

The Community

The Android community is simply amazing. There are millions of people out there that love Android and live for it. Everyone from ROM creators and Module designers to the most basic Android fans plays a role. There always seems to be a connection between you and the developers, from the smallest to the largest.

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